The core philosophy wellbeing by Truwellbeing



Wellbeing isn’t just eating well, going to the gym and thinking happy thoughts. Each of the individual the elements contribute to wellbeing and they also rely on each other. For example, in order to make lasting change in your life, you will benefit from a positive mental attitude which is easier to manage when we have a sense of purpose and we are active. 

The core philosophy wellbeing by Truwellbeing


Life goal & direction

How do we make positive change in our life happen? We often know what we don’t want but we’re not sure about what we do want. Taking time out to talk and think it through is the starting plan. Then we can start setting smaller goals and building a plan to get you what you want.

Work/life balance

We spend a huge amount of our lives at work (and that includes parenting – which in my opinion is the hardest and most important job of all) The ability to get personal fulfilment from our jobs or our chosen career fields while still maintaining balance in our lives can be challenging. By setting plans in place for what we want at home and work can make it easier.

Are you happy in your job? What would it take to make you happy? What are the reasons you are in your current job? When was the last time you thought about changing it…. and I mean REALLY thought about it – not just a passing whimsical thought.


We each have a responsibility for the quality of our environment quality of the air, whether it be in our homes, our communities or our planet. We can use this basic human need to make positive and fundamental changes in our life and also in our world.

Do you feel comfortable in your home environment? What could you change to make it better? How do you help the wider environment?


When you pictured who you would be when you grew up and you look in the mirror – are you happy with who you see?

girl looking in mirror

How we see ourselves often changes through our lives. We start as children, where we are cared for and our identity changes into adulthood. Then we may become carers of children, or swap roles and becomes carers of loved ones. We may have a subconscious blue print for our lives and life events force us to review and change our plans. As parents, before we have children we often have plans for the kind of parent we want to be, often differs from the reality after having them.

What is your identity? What are your beliefs about yourself? Do they limit you or enable you to grow?

Personal Development

The desire to learn new concepts, improve skills and challenge our limiting beliefs can release blocks that prevent our personal progress. When we learn that we don’t have to accept things for the way they are, it allows us to change the way we see life and make positive changes to ourselves.

What in your life is within your power to change? What do you want for yourself that you think you can’t do? You would be surprised at what people can achieve when they say I can and I will.

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