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I use a number of locations in Plymouth and the surrounding areas to run events, workshops and private consultations.
Workshops are held at :
  • Jan Cutting Centre, Scott Business Park, Beacon Park Rd, Plymouth PL2 2PQ
  • Quaker House, 74 Mutley Plain, Plymouth PL4 6LF
  • Plympton Library, Ridgeway, Plymouth PL7 2AS

Where are the workshops held?

 AddressScott Business Park, Beacon Park Rd, Plymouth PL2 2PQ
There is plenty of parking available at the centre after 5pm and weekends.
BCom (hons)
Post Graduate Certificate Education
Level 2&3 Counselling skills (October 2017)
Level  2 Nutrition therapy
NLP Practitioner Certification: Accredited by the ANLP (mid 2018)
Certificate in Business & Life Coaching: Accredited by the Association For Coaching (mid 2018)

International Association for Coaching member
UK Health Coaches Association Member
I follow the BACP, IAC and ANLP ethical frameworks.
Westminster Insurance ltd, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice cover

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Not a problem. Just call or text me on 07764363716 as soon as you can and I can arrange for you to go to another session.
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I’m so sure you will like my service I will work with you to make sure you are satisfied, whether that by additional workshops, private sessions or through group events.
However, I do appreciate life can get in the way of the best  laid plans. Should you book and pay for an event, and extenuating circumstances get in the way, just give me a call and I will offer a refund on a discretionary basis. I’m a mum, wife, daughter etc too and I know how things roll.
I  do not offer a refund after an event has been attended, nor if a participant fails to attend an event without due notice.
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It’s never to late to make changes in your life that bring you closer to happiness. Anyone who says otherwise is plain wrong!


And who said you’re an old dog… may a more experienced one? Maybe with enough life experience that we should “never say never”
You probably have more life experience and self-awareness to draw on to make impactful changes in your life.
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I guarantee no sales push or anything like that and you’re under absolutely no obligation to sign up after speaking to me. I also won’t come back to you with a money off voucher or discount if you don’t sign up straight away. I believe in the services I offer and I want you to believe in them too. The main reason for the conversation is to make sure you understand what the course is about and not start with any misunderstandings. I also want to check that the workshops will be beneficial for you and I will say if I don’t think they will help.
I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals by making subtle amendments or big changes so that they can realise and achieve their aspirations.
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There is a saying “You can’t change others but you can change yourself”.
I found that by stopping  ‘banging my head  on a brick-wall’ and wishing others around me and situations would change, I could focus on the things that I could change. I spent 3 years researching and developing my own programme of discovery and positive psychology to effect real change in my life. I loved it and retrained so that I could offer others the help that I couldn’t find when I needed it the most. I’ve added it to my 12 years of experience coaching and mentoring to develop a series of workshops that will help others on their path of enlightenment and self-discovery
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I started TruWellbeing after experiencing difficulty in my life and being unable to find any support. In the process I discovered a lot of tools and techniques that helped me get out of the position I found myself in.
Some tools were really successful for me, others may be not so much. However, every human being on this earth is unique and different things work for different people. The programme aims to teach, guide and support you in using some of the tools and techniques that have been proven to be successful through validated research.
Read more about me and my motivation here
Congratulations, I’m pleased all is well for you! However you may still benefit from joining a workshop.
I provide you with self development tools and support to take you to the next level. So you might be just as happy but experience more fulfilment from your life after experiencing the course.  If in doubt, have a chat with me and I can help you work out whether this would benefit you.
Alternatively, you can join as a TW community member and meet up with us on our social events.  Get out and about, have some fun and get away from your normal day to day life while finding out from other people what it’s about.
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