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Reasons why your wellbeing should be important to you

Life Coach Plymouth

Why is your wellbeing important?

Because wellbeing means ‘being well’ which helps you feel well. It is virtually impossible to be positive mentally without taking care of your body, having social interactions or developing effective coping mechanisms

  1. You wellbeing will directly affect how you are in yourself. If you feel well you will be well.
  2. Your physical health will improve. If your mind is struggling to cope with things you will create a hamster cycle of stress responses to exhaustion to stress response to exhaustion. You will slowly deteriorate making you less resilient.
  3. If you are happy and able to cope with things, then the people around you (family, partners, friends, colleagues) will be positively impacted.
  4. You will be able to bounce back quicker after life events are thrown at you. Rather than let them sit and stew, you will be able to shake them off and get things in to better perspective.
  5. You will notice your energy levels increase. Often low mood/anxious thinking results in a part of your brain which produces a fight or flights mechanism (your might call it being stuck, trapped or having no choice) When we are not producing adrenaline in response to this we are not having the up and down roller-coaster which allows you feel more energetic and motivated.

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