About Shine

Changing your life takes effort and willingness to take action. Research proves that the more you can perceive or imagine the benefits of your hard effort, the more hard effort you will put in.

The Shine programme is about YOU understanding what you want and being willing to make the changes to your attitude and mindset so that you believe you can and will get it. You can change your life and you can make yourself happier, better, healthier, stronger, balanced and more in control.

The key is recognising, that even with the best will in the world, if you just want to talk (or moan) about things then your life will just stay as it is.

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got.

Any change will come from YOU. I will help you discover what you ‘really’ want, what are the obstacles that you will put in the way for yourself and tools that will make your journey easier. I can help you analyse your default mode and from there you can rewire your brain so it is working for you rather than against you however you will need to do the work. Your life learnings and experiences have made you who you are today, by learning from new experiences you can actually change your brain’s wiring (your reticular activating system). It’s called neuroplasticity.

People who are good at things invest in that aspect of their life. Athletes don’t just think about winning the race, they put in the time and investment to improve and learn from their mistakes. They take action, they think like an athlete, they act like an athlete, they eat like an athlete – they make their health a priority.

Making improvements to your mental, emotional or physical health requires you to recognise your body works as a holistic entity. It requires investment of your time and willingness to take action to get what you want.

Just about every client I have seen has had an unhelpful belief system and unhelpful thinking style. Whether they are looking to overcome a phobia, depression, anxiety, stress or lose weight – by being willing to change your beliefs about yourself you can create all the health, happiness and success you want.

I have written the Shine programme based on my training, my practice, my study, research and evidence from scientific and psychological reports and from personal experience.