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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Is successfully losing weight (and keeping it off) the ongoing struggle that you can’t get on top of?
  • Do you keep trying new and old diets that never work in the long term? 
  • You know exactly what you “should be eating”, but often simply don’t care about what you eat.

 but also…

  • You really want to eat what you’re “not allowed to.”
  • You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING from Slimming clubs, shakes, meal replacements, juicing, detox, counselling, hypnosis and don’t know where else to turn? 


Then this is definitely for you…

I was 17.11 at my heaviest weight (that I measured) as I stopped getting on the scales after that – so I would imagine I was a little more. No matter what I tried, and how successful it was in the short term, I always gave up and ended up heavier.

I studiously attended the slimming groups,  recorded my eating (but only the good eating). Anxiously getting on the scales at every weigh in. Hoping my ‘cheats’ didn’t cost too much. I had the plan. I would always do the first weigh in in the evening with jeans, jumper etc. Then the next weigh in would be a morning one with a summer dress, no matter what season it was. I joined a Friday club because I knew I always over indulged at the weekend and during the week I would have time to undo the weekend damage.

Sound familiar?

All I’m trying to say is that I’ve been there, and I know change is possible.

Having dropped almost 8 stone while gaining qualifications in nutritional therapy, NLP and counselling and over 15 years coaching experience. I’ve been able to help hundreds of women achieve the body and emotional freedom they deserve.


I’m now offering the same solution to you.


These programmes are about finally achieving freedom from emotional eating in a sustainable way. It’s about getting the body you deserve whilst making your happiness the priority.


If this sounds like the results you want then act fast because;


Spaces are truly limited to only 16.

We are temporarily offering reduced rates to anyone willing to provide their before and after results as well as testimonials of their successes.


If you’re truly to make a change then apply below.


Bianca  X

What You Receive In Our 12 Week Programme

1:1 Coaching

6 x 45 minutes Coaching Sessions

+15 Success Resources

Mindset & Weight loss Resources

Group Coaching

9 x 90 Minute group sessions

Group & Peer Support

Free Access to our Exclusive Facebook community

Weight Loss Masterclass

4 x 60 minute Group Masterclasses

Slim From Within Video Training

Life Video Access

Total Value:


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About Bianca

Hi, I’m Bianca and I’m an award winning and accredited life coach who can help you move forward with balance, confidence and control in your life and relationship. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them to overcome emotional eating, food addictions, eating disorders, low mood, stress, anxiety and much more.

Finding the right person to work with is so important. I am different to most counsellors, life coaches and NLP practitioners because I am the best of both.

I will help you design a vision for your life, body and relationship with food go, you are then in a position to make changes.

I am warm, professional and caring specialist, trained to help you find the best solution for YOU.

Want to learn more about how I can help and if this is right for you? Book your free consultation below.

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