TruWellbeing – Inside out program

TruWellbeing – Inside out program


Topic Notes
What do you really want ·       Taking time out to identify what you want and don’t want in your life.

·       Exploring the vision.

·       Understanding your values.

Making the plan ·       Building achievable steps to get you to where you want to be.

·       Understanding what works for you.

·       Setting clear goals and Identify your rewards.

Motivation ·       Identify your push and pull motivation.

·       Understanding motivation and how you can make it produce results.

·       Re-wiring your brain so you stay committed – keeping momentum.

Change Process & Obstacles ·       Understanding why you don’t accept change, even if you know it’s for the better.

·       Making change into habit?

·       Learning about your limiting beliefs.

·       Recognising and being prepared for obstacles.

Understanding and managing the inner dialogue? ·       Recognising how you talk to yourself i.e. “inner dialogue”.

·       Focussing on making your inner voice work for you.

·       Tools to squish your inner gremlin so that you’re free to enjoy your life.

·       Building self-esteem and confidence

Long term change

Changing State

·       Shifting your perspective.

·       Viewing things in a different light.

·       Changing your mood when it’s not working for you. Tap in to your inner resourcefulness.



Topic Notes
Time Management ·       Making time when there doesn’t seem to be any.

·       Prioritising your time.

·       Learning to delegate.

Managing your performance ·       Getting the best out of yourself and those around you.

·       Recognise and build on your strengths

·       Minimise or improve your weaknesses.

Mindfulness and Stress management ·       Recognising the signs of unhealthy stress.

·       Having tools to help reduce stress in your life.

·       Viewing life objectively.

·       Overcoming pressure cooker situations.

Noticing opportunities ·       Changing your view of the world.

·       How to attract opportunities.

·       Noticing when opportunities present themselves.

·       Overcoming limiting beliefs.

The body as a machine. ·       What is good health to you?

·       Recognise the impact of the physical health on mental health.

·       Analysing your body-mind relationship.

What makes us tick? ·       Understanding your personal logical levels.

·       Recognising your needs and beliefs.

·       Learning to shift your perspective so you become who you want to be.