Weekly Workshops

TruWellbeing –Inside Out, a unique, engaging and motivational program drawing on theories from NLP, life coaching, neuroscience, positive psychology, nutrition therapy, philosophical thinking and educational pedagogy.
Investing time in their health, happiness and wellbeing, and taking time to focus on what they want rather will help you reclaim balance, confidence and control.
The workshops allows you to develop a sense of control, balance, confidence and improve their self-esteem. They learn to appreciate how thinking about their happiness can positively impact their view of life, their loved ones and also their relationships with work colleagues.
In a relaxed, group environment you can make real and actual changes to improve your life for the better.I will help you understand and implement practical tools and techniques to engage and challenge you by asking you to answer carefully composed questions and fun, engaging tasks so that the transformation you make will be effective and long lasting.

GOLD – £90

What do you really want ·       Taking time out to identify what you want and don’t want in your life.

·       Exploring the vision.

·       Understanding your values.

Making the plan ·       Building achievable steps to get you to where you want to be.

·       Understanding what works for you.

·       Setting clear goals and Identify your rewards.

Motivation ·       Identify your push and pull motivation.

·       Understanding motivation and how you can make it produce results.

·       Re-wiring your brain so you stay committed – keeping momentum.

Change Process & Obstacles ·       Understanding why you don’t accept change, even if you know it’s for the better.

·       Making change into habit?

·       Learning about your limiting beliefs.

·       Recognising and being prepared for obstacles.

Understanding & managing the inner dialogue? ·       Recognising how you talk to yourself i.e. “inner dialogue”.

·       Focusing on making your inner voice work for you.

·       Tools to squish your inner gremlin so that you’re free to enjoy your life.

·       Building self-esteem and confidence

Changing your State ·       Shifting your perspective.

·       Viewing things in a different light.

·       Changing your mood when it’s not working for you. Tap in to your inner resourcefulness.


Time Management ·     Making time when there doesn’t seem to be any.

·     Prioritising your time.

·      Learning to delegate.

Managing your performance ·     Getting the best out of yourself and those around you.

·     Recognise and build on your strengths

·      Minimise or improve your weaknesses.

Mindfulness and Stress management ·      Recognising the signs of unhealthy stress.

·      Having tools to help reduce stress in your life.

·      Viewing life objectively.

·      Overcoming pressure cooker situations.

Noticing opportunities ·     Changing your view of the world.

·     How to attract opportunities.

·     Noticing when opportunities present themselves.

·      Overcoming limiting beliefs.

The body as a machine. ·     What is good health to you?

·     Recognise the impact of the physical health on mental health.

·      Analysing your body-mind relationship.

What makes us tick? ·     Understanding your personal logical levels.

·     Recognising your needs and beliefs.

·      Learning to shift your perspective so you become who you want to be.

The weekly workshops are fantastic and I guarantee you will love attending them. I’m so sure that they’ll help you that I’ve given a money back guarantee*!

Member Benefits

TW Community – You will also become a member of the TW community, with discounted and free access to events as well as the private facebook page, webinars.
TruYou Club – As part of the TW community you will also be able to join the TruYou club to help with weight loss, nutrition and exercise free of charge. It runs on a Saturday morning once a fortnight. (free of charge providing you have attended a TruWellbeing workshop that week) Click here to find out more
15 % off private coaching
Over 40% off Everyone Active Plymouth gym membership- Normally £44 only £25.50 with TruWellbeing membership
I’m currently working on developing partnerships with other local services such a gyms,  massage therapists and mindfulness services to provide further discounts and access to other wellbeing services.
*I want you to love working with me. If you aren’t completely happy or don’t think it’s for you, let me know and complete a short questionnaire (just giving me some feedback about what you didn’t like) within 24 hours of your first session and I will refund all the money paid – absolutely no quibble. If for any reason you change you mind within 6 weeks, I will refund your registration fee and any sessions paid for and not attended.