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Workshop venues and times

Tuesday morn – Inside Out
10-11.30 m Plympton Library
Tuesday eve – Inside Out
 7-8.30pm Jan Cutting Centre
Friday – Empowering mums*
 1.15 – 2.45pm Quaker House
Saturday – TruYou
9.15 weigh in


Jan Cutting Centre

Starting in March.

* Empowering mums – A relaxed session where mums can bring kids and leave whenever they want to get to the school run. Following the inside out programme but with a bit more focus on overcoming the pressures of motherhood with like minded women (You could say a good old fashioned ‘mother’s meeting’!)

Getting here on time a problem?
Getting to places, fighting through traffic and dealing with life in general get’s to us all! I follow a no problem policy. Arriving late or having to leave early is absolutely no problem – TruWellbeing is here to make your life easier – not add more stress.
The first and last 15 minutes are relaxing in and checking out activities and very much deigned to get you in the right mindset for the evening’s activities.