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About Bianca


I have previously worked in industry for 5 years and education for over 12 when a period of ill health through stress and redundancy forced me to look carefully  at my life choices.

About 5 years ago I refused to accept my ill health couldn’t be fixed so tried to seek support and guidance from local services. There was very little support out there and what was available had 6 month waiting lists. Mindfulness courses and the talking therapies are useful I realised that I needed more.

I went on a path on a personal path of research and discovery,

The answer smacked me in the face! After what seemed like a life time of coaching and mentoring in a business environment, I realised the answer was there all along. Life coaching and NLP were the key to making impactful and lasting changes to my mindset and how I approached the problems I had.

I have achieved qualifications in counselling, nutrition, NLP and life coaching and I have committed to a lifetime of self improvement.

I am fully insured by Westminster insurance


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