The SHINE Programme

The Shine Programme is a coaching programme developed by Bianca to make massive transformations in your mindset, your energy and your life focus.

When you fully understand how your mind works (the interaction between your emotions, your behaviours, your values and your view of the world), you feel much more in control and empowered.

When you recognise that most of your problems, worries, concerns and ill health are either caused or affected BY your thinking, you feel in CONTROL… because if YOU caused these problems, then YOU can change them!

Once you BELIEVE that you can achieve change, you can make it happen. It will require effort as behaviours are essentially habits, we are used to thinking in a certain way. It will take practise to start thinking in a different way, and for some change can feel uncomfortable – but it is also empowering, as now you can choose to think in a way that is helpful.

Why is it called Shine – because it is about allowing the best of you to shine through. Shining is about thriving in your life, regardless of where you are, what you are doing, what your past experiences were like, what your relationships are like, how much money you have, or what skills you have.

It’s about getting the very best from your life by really focussing on what you want and working on yourself to see what is stopping you.

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Are you ready?

Readiness for change is something all coaches should do. Checking to make sure you really, really want to make changes in your life. It’s easy to say you want something, but what takes more effort is taking action.

I CAN’T CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU, AND I CAN’T MAKE YOU BETTER – you already have the power to do that within you. The key is, tapping into that power.

Any change you make will come from YOU, not me. I can help you identify things that need to be changed and support you through your journey. It isn’t easy to identify the things in our life that keep us stuck – they’re usually deep in our subconscious and require gentle cajoling to get them out.

Just about every symptom and condition I have treated was created and/or maintained by the client’s belief systems and unhelpful thinking styles. Only by changing those things can you create all the health, happiness and success you really want.

Our coping mechanisms are usually learnt from our environment and sometimes these don’t work for us. Rather than respond to our emotions in a healthy way, we might respond or cope by drinking alcohol, eating unhealthily, speaking badly to ourselves, etc.

If we suppress our emotions they will find a way of making themselves known – usually when we don’t want them to. Have you ever got confused or not understood why you react to situations, or have you ever got angry/irritable for the littlest thing or wondered why your feelings sometimes don’t make sense. Generally, repressed feelings and emotions will be like sticking fingers in a collapsing dam. They will leak out somewhere, you just don’t know where or when.

So, are you ready now?

I ask because change does take effort. You WILL be challenged to look deep into yourself – and on the journey, you will discover why and how you do the things you do – your coping mechanisms.

You might want to give up or you might feel resistance – we often do when our belief systems are challenged in some way. A lot of the work you will be asked to do involves changing the way you think and changing the way you perceive events and experiences in your life – this takes effort and commitment.

You will need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY in order for these changes to take place. You may need to question ideas that you have held for a very long time, and some people can find this very challenging. You are going to need to look at the component parts of your personality and see yourself in an entirely new light. It is often difficult to look at yourself completely honestly and you may need to face up to things that you initially do not really want to.

However, the results are LIFE CHANGING – you will find your inner shine. You inner shine is your balance, your confidence and you control – where you feel back in the driving seat of your life where you can choose the direction and destination.

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