Employee Support

Most organisations understand the negative impact sickness, absence and low productivity has on business costs but don’t have any real knowledge of how to address it or why it is important. When employees struggle to deal with stress, poor work-life balance can result. Coping strategies often include a poor diet, working long hours and increased use of alcohol/drugs. In addition, many key organisational performance factors can be negatively impacted, for example, reduced productivity increased mistakes and errors conflict (with colleagues & management) grievance and disciplinary incidents sickness and absenteeism low morale and negative atmosphere poor customer services and quality resignations and job terminations.

The ORB programme helps build Occupational Resilience & Balance. It offers reactive and proactive solutions to improve employee wellbeing through coaching, training and policy development.


The aim of the ORB programme is to produce beneficial results for your business. You can improve workplace health, wellbeing, resilience and engagement with TruWellbeing ORB consultancy. In addition to wellbeing policies & strategies, you can also develop and implement control measures to monitor and assess the positive impact of improvements in employee health, wellbeing, productivity and engagement. Whether you want to improve health at the organisational, team or individual level, I can help and support you – from advice and mentoring to hands-on interventions.