About Truwellbeing

Hi, I am Bianca and I am the founder of TruWellbeing.

In 2007 I began to feel the ill effects of stress. Combined with a high-pressure job, I rarely exercised, I didn’t eat a healthy, balanced diet and drank a couple glasses of wine in the evening to help me ‘de-stress’. I was suffering digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia and hated going into work. I just shrugged my shoulder and got on with it. Everyone else seemed to be in the same boat, I didn’t even think that it could be different. Sound familiar?

Over the next 5 years I became more ill and unhappy. I received a diagnosis of anxiety, depression chronic fatigue syndrome and I had developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

After 2 years of feeling pretty miserable, I barely recognised myself. I had lost my confidence, self-worth and any sense of control.

I was sick and tired of feeling… sick and tired.

I couldn’t change other people, I couldn’t make my work be supportive or appreciative and I couldn’t make my 5 stone weight gain disappear. I decided there and then to make changes to myself – from the inside out.

I had difficulty finding suitable support from local services and the little support that was available was oversubscribed and had long waiting lists. I knew wanted to make change and I had to do it on my own.

In my recovery, I started to get well, happy and healthy – I saw amazing results – not only in me but also those around me. I then realised I wasn’t the only person in the world struggling with the pressures of work, relationships and parenting.

Do you have the balance in your life that you’re looking for?
What is TruWellbeing?

Much like a sports coach can help an athlete improve in their chosen sport, life coaching can help you get the best out of your life. The philosophy is about making small changes that have a big, positive impact – like a comb that can straighten and smooth-out tangles when life gets a bit messy.

I have retrained and received qualifications and accreditation in nutrition, counselling, NLP and life-coaching. I have developed a unique programme called ‘inside out’. The workshops and private coaching build on 12 years of experience coaching & mentoring in education.

I am committed to change attitudes and stigmas associated with mental health – and I’m a proud advocate of each of us speaking out and supporting each other by reinforcing “it’s OK to say when you’re not OK”.

I donate 10% of my profits to MIND – for better mental health.

What are the weekly workshops?

The weekly workshops are designed to help you sort out life and get it back in control. Just like a sports coach can help an athlete improve, life coaching can help you get the best out of your life.

Every week we cover a different fun, engaging and motivational topic that will help your self-development. The environment is supportive and you could make some lifelong friends with like-minded people.

The workshops run continuously every week and you don’t have to come to everyone – although they’re great so you’ll probably want to.

‘Inside Out’ workshops run on Tuesdays: 10am in Plympton Library 7pm at the Jan Cutting Centre, while the ‘Empowering Mums’ workshop is at 1.15pm on Fridays at Quaker House. The first workshop is free, and prices start from £4.38 per workshop.

What is private coaching?

For people who want to invest in themselves and see quicker results then private coaching is the best solution for many of my clients.

Life coaching has helped my clients in many areas of their lives. It could help you too. For instance, you could achieve a better work-life balance, explore your potential or realise your career goals. It may also help you become happier and more fulfilled at home, help you find your purpose, boost your confidence or help you become more motivated.

Private coaching is available by appointment. An initial 30-minute consultation is free, and prices are from £30 per session.

So, the question is…
“what do you want to achieve”?


If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten

  • If you want to make improvements to your life, assess and appreciate the importance of your happiness and you’re willing to invest some time in achieving it then YES this is for you.
  • If you’re saying to yourself – “sounds good, but I’ve got too much going on” – then this you consider these question:
    – When is the right time to put yourself first?
    – What needs to happen before you take action?

Book your first session now – call Bianca 07764 363716

Book online @

Empowering mums


I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you’re looking forward to 2018.

Christmas can be great, but it can also be bloody hard work. Especially for mums.

Apparently, “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone“ Charles M Shultz.

I don’t think Mr Shultz recognised that sometimes Christmas for a Mum is doing a little something extra for everyone.

Forgetting about Christmas, how often do you take time out to do a little something extra for yourself?

I absolutely love being a mum, but I’m struggling to identify when I last had time to stop without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else (and that doesn’t include putting the kids on the time out / naughty step)

I have created TruWellbeing empowering mums workshops to give us that time out where we give ourselves permission to think about ourselves. They are designed to help you sort out and get on top of the pressures we all experience in day to day life.

Just like a sports coach helps an athlete improve, I am a life coach who can help you get the best out of your life.

There doesn’t have to be anything “wrong” with your life to attend. The philosophy is about making small changes that have a big, positive impact. Kind of like a big comb that can straighten out tangles when your life gets a bit messy.

The empowering mums workshop is a relaxed session where mums can bring kids, arrive and leave whenever they want. The workshop runs at Quaker house, Mutley from 1:30 – 3pm. The first and last 15 minutes are “zone in – zone out” where you get yourself in the right headspace.

Every week we cover a different fun, engaging and motivational topic. It follows the inside out program (which runs on a Tuesday 10am & 7pm) but with a bit more focus on juggling the pressures of motherhood, work, family and life with a group of supportive and likeminded women. I’ll make the room as child friendly as possible and there is space to park up a buggy.

I run a no pressure policy – getting on time anywhere with kids isn’t always easy. The workshops run at the same time weekly and there is no commitment to come to every session. You can just come when you want, although hopefully you’ll like it so much you’ll want to keep coming back.

The first session is free and then from £4.83 depending on how you want to pay.

Please message me if you’re interested in knowing more or if you want to book your place.

Take Care,

Bianca x

p.s. If you know anyone else who would be interested, I give you full permission to invite them on my behalf.

Weekly workshops programme -2018

January – Choosing change and making it happen (even if a bit of you likes it the way it is!)  Click here for more details.
February – Transform and improve relationships – including the one you have with yourself!  Click here for more details.
March – Spring clean – Have a clear out of negative influences in your life. Click here for more details.
April – Discover your dreams = how many of us take time out to ask ourselves “what do I really want?”Click here for more details.
May – Now breath… – recognising when things are getting too much and caring about your mind and body Click here for more details.
June – R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – find out what it means to me... (sing the song in your head and it makes more sense) Click here for more details.
July – Where’s the fun? – Tools to squish your inner gremlin so that you’re free to enjoy your life More details coming soon
August -“If you can keep your head when all about you…” – viewing things in a different light More details coming soon
September – Managing your mind and how you speak to yourself.  What do we think of the word ‘should’?) More details coming soon.
October  – Motivation v Procrastination – which works for you? More details coming soon.
November – Living in the moment – Carpe Diem More details coming soon.
December – Sharing the love – what makes you happy? More details coming soon.

Are some people designed to be overweight?

Are some people designed to be overweight? or are overweight people just lazy and eat too much. I class  my self as ‘overweight’. I am 5 ft 4 in and I weight 13 st 7lb. I have consistently aimed to get slim with varying degrees of effort and attainment.

In the last couple of years I’ve just tried eating healthily and exercising, more for my health and wellbeing rather than in an effort to lose weight. I kind of thought, if I stop worrying about it, it will happen on its own. I’m now coming to the realisation that in order to achieve any thing  you have to achieve a clear goal and strive for it continuously in order to achieve it.

I have decided I want to be slim, in fact I really really want to be slim. Why, mostly to prove that I can do it… it’s the holy grail of my self development and I feel I’m ready for the challenge.  I’ve decided I will do this by any means necessary. I’ve analysed reasons for my weight and I’m seeking to overcome them. Primarily, I’m always hungry. So I’ve decided to go on a low carb diet. not Atkins low, just mostly lean protein and veggies. I’m ditching processed foods, and just sticking to foods I recognise and all the ingredients. I’ll eat fruit if I really fancy it, but trying to get most of my vitamins and minerals from vegetables and salads.  I’m also using Saxenda which is an injection to help control appetite. Why? because I want to reach my goal. I planning on using it with a healthy diet and exercise to help me get where I want to be. Is it a slimming drug? To an extent… however it reduced appetite is doesn’t stop me eating chocolate, crisps, fried foods, so i could take it without losing weight. However I’m mostly using it as a tool to help me stick to a lifestyle that I wan’t to stick to for the rest of my life.

I have always preferred a low carb diet as it helps maintain consistent energy levels, and frankly, most high calorie foods are high in carbs. Yes, butter, fatty meat and cream are all high calorie but you really can’t eat a lot of them. Also you know exactly whats in them, unlike a mullerlight yoghurt and other low calorie processed foods. I’m kind of at the stage, ‘better the devil you know’ because I know butter has an impact on weight etc, but I have no idea what impact some of the ingredients in processed food have.

So here’s to the new plan and all that sail in her!              (i’ll keep you updated :o)

Is this for me?

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Are you dissatisfied with aspects of your life, but you don’t know why?
  • Do you know things “have to change” but lack the courage to make the changes?
  • Are you happy with your job/life/relationships/finances or do you ‘put up with it as you see no other option or you’re not overly impressed with the alternatives?
  • Do you find that you are drifting along in a constant state of “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start again tomorrow”?
  • Do you doubt your abilities or worry that you might not be good enough?
  • Do you recognised yourself as often stressed or suffering from stress-related conditions such as CFS, IBS or migraines and need direction on how to overcome them?
  • Have you got in the habit of complaining about aspects of your life, and fear you have forgotten how it feels to be happy?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to know that changes can be made with the correct mindset and the support given by TruWellbeing.

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I was born and bred in Plymouth. After my degree I worked in London, Manchester and Cambridge for a period of time. I worked in logistics and whilst working in a fast paced environment I realised that being part of the rat race didn’t appeal to me. The sudden death of my 60 year old father resulted in me rethinking my life plan. I realised I wanted a vocation, a job which allowed me give back to society and make the world a better place.

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