Health Coaching

Many health coaches, like myself, were propelled to become health coaches after a personal experience with this gaping hole in our healthcare system.

The short of it goes something like this: after years of frustration, non-personalized attention and unremarkable results, we learned to heal ourselves through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.

By taking accountability for your health and your mindset, you can start focussing on what you can do to help yourself – rather than feel helpless about all the physical symptoms that seem beyond your control.

So what exactly do Health Coaches do?

In a nutshell, I support my clients to achieve their health goals (as varied as they may be), through lifestyle and behaviour modifications. Everything from losing weight, to de-stressing and gaining energy, to improving nutrition and even helping to tame an autoimmune disease.

An added bonus of seeing a health coach? I listen. I am a trained nutritionist and I will mentor, inspire, guide and motivate you to cultivate positive health choices.

The reality is that most people know what they need to do to be healthy, but they just don’t do it. You know that eating crisps, drinking wine, having takeaways is not healthy. That’s not rocket science. But there’s a lot of factors that go into why you still eat it.

We have the time to delve into that…medical doctors don’t.

A more positive wellness future.

As medical doctors and traditional healthcare increasingly embrace the field of health coaching and proactive wellness, I’m hopeful that we’ll begin to reverse the statistics on preventable, lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

The future can be bright. Glowing even.

If we can partner a “back-to-basics” approach of nourishing food and wholesome living, with advancements in genomics, epigenetics, medical devices and the microbiome (which is sure to provide awesome, geeky insights), we might just be able to reverse the trend of ever-increasing diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, some cancers and much more.

Now that’s a healthcare future that get’s me excited!

Are you excited about regaining your health? Are you looking to see what you can do to improve your health?

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