Frequently Asked Questions…

I started TruWellbeing after experiencing difficulty in my life and being unable to find any support. In the process I discovered a lot of tools and techniques that helped me get out of the position I found myself in.

Some tools were really successful for me, others maybe not so much. However, every human being on this earth is unique and different things work for different people.

The programme aims to teach, guide and support you in using some of the tools and techniques that have been proven to be successful through validated research. What’s it actually about?

There is a saying “You can’t change others but you can change yourself”.

I found that by stopping ‘banging my head against a brick wall’ and wishing others around me and situations would change, I could focus on the things that I could change.

I spent 3 years researching and developing a programme of discovery and positive psychology to effect real change in clients lives.

I’ve added it to my 12 years of experience coaching and mentoring to develop a coaching experience that will help you get to where you want to be. You don’t get anything for free in this world! What’s the first free session about?

I guarantee no sales push or anything like that and you’re under absolutely no obligation to sign up after speaking to me. I also won’t come back to you with a money off voucher or discount if you don’t sign up straight away.

I believe in the services I offer and I want you to believe in them too. The main reason for the conversation is to make sure you understand about NLP and coaching is about and not start with any misunderstandings. I also want to check that the coaching will be beneficial for you. I will say if I don’t think it will help.

I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals by making subtle amendments or big changes so that they can realise and achieve their aspirations. I’m too old for this sort of thing, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

It’s never to late to make changes in your life that bring you closer to happiness. Anyone who says otherwise is plain wrong!

You probably have more life experience and self knowledge to draw on to make impactful changes in your life. What’s your refund policy?

I provide a money back guarantee, so that if you aren’t happy or don’t want to continue with the programme, then I will refund you the cost of the remaining sessions.* What do I do if I can’t make a session unexpectedly?

Not a problem. Just call or text me on 07764 363716 as soon as you can and I can arrange for you to go to another session. What qualifications / accreditation / insurance do you have?

BCom (hons) – Birmingham University

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Level 2&3 Counselling skills BACP

Level 2 Nutrition therapy

NLP Practitioner Certification: Accredited by the ANLP

Certificate in Business & Life Coaching: Accredited by the Association For Coaching

National Council of Psychotherapists

UK Health Coaches Association Member

I follow the BACP, IAC and ANLP Ethical Frameworks.

Westminster Insurance ltd, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice cover

Enhanced DBS certificate Sounds good, but I’m quite happy… I’m not sure if this is right for me?

Congratulations, I’m pleased all is well for you! However, you may still benefit from life coaching.

I provide you with self-development tools and support to take you to the next level.

So you might be just as happy but experience more fulfilment from your life after experiencing coaching.  If in doubt, have a chat with me and I can help you work out whether this would benefit you.

Alternatively, you can join as a TW community member and meet up with us on our social events.  Get out and about, have some fun and get away from your normal day to day life while finding out from other people what it’s about.