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Exercise & activity

Doing exercise benefits you in more ways than physical fitness. It gives you time away from the world for you! It also promotes good mental health by releasing happy hormones. When we start treating our body with respect, engaging in healthy and fun pursuits we are reinforcing that we value ourselves. You don’t have to be a naturally sporty person to do exercise (I’m definitely not!) and there are so many different forms of exercise from archery to bowls, kayaking to football, it doesn’t have to be endless hours feeling self conscious. You can get to the stage where you actually look forward to doing exercise…why, because it makes you feel better… and that’s what you want, isn’t it?

(p.s. for those of you who haven’t got time… that’s a limiting belief, you can always make time if you want to )

Diet & Nutrition

The foods we eat can directly impact our mood, our energy levels and our health. If you aren’t feeling the best about yourself, then you may have looked at changing your diet (or going to a slimming club). If you are one of the many who have struggles with slimming clubs, it’s not you, it’s them. They tell you what to eat but don’t deal with why you were eating poorly in the first place. By getting to the root of the problem, we can then find out how to make things better.

When your mind is in the right place, i.e. you know you are gorgeous! You are then empowered to make yourself even more gorgeous. You can care about yourself to know that you deserve nourishing and delicious food (not just the foods laden with sugar, salt and fat that have been carefully manufactured and appear to be more addictive than heroine) There is no naughty treats or sins… there is just a sense of calm that why would you want to disrespect your body with anything other than the best, because you do deserve respect, don’t you.

Self Care & Body Respect

Our behaviours have a significant impact on our wellbeing and adopting healthful habits (routine check ups, a balanced diet, exercise, etc.) as does avoiding destructive habits (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc.) When we value our emotional self and deal with our emotions in a healthy way, we appreciate the importance of care of our physical self. No positive change can come from self loathing, so by appreciating and respecting ourselves as we are right now, we will then find our behaviours and choices fall into alignment. We will then be in harmony with our choices, rather than feeling we ‘have’ to lose weight or that we ‘must’ give up smoking… we can get to a place where will power isn’t needed and you will WANT to be healthy and care for yourself (and it’s as easy as remembering how amazing you are right now!).

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Poor sleep is a result of many contributing factors. From the environment, habits, technology, overactive minds, diet and exercise. Poor sleep also contributes to negative lifestyle as it affects our brain chemistry, it changes our appetite as well as generally making us feel pretty pants when we’re knackered. So, what can you do to improve your sleep. I have spent endless hours trawling through medical papers and the latest research on how to improve sleep and I will share this with you.


Sometimes when we try and change habits we can feel stuck in a hamster wheel, going around and around, we just don’t know how to get off. I work with you to find the tools to stop the hamster wheel. Habits are a form of coping mechanism. We associate behaviours with events and feel powerless to change them (hence why the majority of the population has chosen to not have New Year’s Resolutions) There are a number of NLP techniques that can be used to break a habit, as well managing the negative inner voice and good old fashioned ‘wanting to do it and knowing you can’ empowerment. The good news is, there is always something you can do which will make change happen (p.s. I don’t rely on will power, if you’re struggling with conflicting inner voices, which is another term for will power then you’re doomed to fail)